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A Gastronomic Tour of Morocco!

A Gastronomic Tour of Morocco!

06 Mars 2024
A Gastronomic Tour of Morocco!

that captivate all of your senses. Let's journey through Morocco's culinary delights that blend
tracttonasserber. Arab. and vecteerranean influences
The most popular dish in Morocco is couscous. Couscous is made from crushed steamed wheat and is traditionally served with Vegetables and different kinds of meat. Sometimes it'S
served with lamb and sometimes chicken. There is also a traditional vegetarian couscous dish
called conscons tave which as served wath caramensed onions and rossins instead of meat Shakshuka is thought to be native to Tunisia, but is widely consumed throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and the rest of the world. Shakshuka is made of soft cooked eggs,
gently poached or braised in a delicious chunky tomato and bell pepper sauce. There are ditterent
variations of toppings vou can add to it as well. This dish can be served as a breaktast. lunch, or
dinner dish as at is versatile and delicions
The name tamine comes from the traditional clay ceramic dish that is used to prepare and serve the meal. The tajine dish consists of meat and vegetables that have been slow cooked in a
shallow cooking pot and garnished with spices. This medley of meat and vegetables is arranged
in an artistic form in the dish and is then consumed sine a piece of Moroccan bread.
For those who aren't keen on meat. there is the zaalouk dish which is a traditional Moroccan salad. Zaalouk is made with eggplant, garlic, tomatoes, and spices and is usually served as a side dish alongside a piece of bread to dip. This dish can be prepared in many different ways depending on the preferences of the consumer. Some variations of zaalouk include
pumpkin zaalouk, carrot zaalouk, pepper zaalouk, and more. Popular spices you'll find are paprika, saffron, cumin, turmeric, black pepper, ginger, and many more. These colourful spices may be displayed in woven baskets in markets that line the
streets of Morocco. Spices are a staple in North African cuisine and when you walk the spice
markets a vonr senses are sure to be awoken A final dish that you may only find in Morocco is the amelou dip. This dip is thick and nutty and is made with almonds, honey argan oil, and other kinds of nuts. This dip gives a sweet sensation that you will only find in places where almond trees grow naturally, and Morocco is
one of the few.
if vou want to experience all of the traditional Moroccan dishes. check out Marrakech
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