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M Avenue luxury destination

Among the many relishes Marrakech has to offer, the innovative M Avenue is the perfect destination for fashion gurus, foodies, and luxury residential real estate. 

Since beginning construction in 2017, M Avenue has developed into one of the most renowned shopping centers located in Marrakech city center. The well-appointed 500-meter-long stretch offers 95,000 square meters of vast residences, over 100 retail brands, and diverse dining options from Sushi Box to Brasserie Louise. 

During the official opening in December 2021, M Avenue welcomed its visitors to the innovative forefront of unique luxury meets everyday living. As a complete artistic and cultural showcase, M Avenue is also an engaging experience through events such as M Talent and M FRIDAY. These events invite the public to select the next best artists or discover trendy promotions at M Avenue stores. The curated events have become a large attraction, aside from the rest of the lavish amenities. M Avenue is only a small reason why Marrakech is the destination for vibrant high-end luxury. 

Through the international or domestic Moroccan cuisine, M Avenue has proven to be a remarkable pinpoint for foodies around the world. Whether a night out entails a café stop, cocktail hour, or fine dining, M Avenue has you covered in all thing’s food or drink. With the inclusive menu items and restaurants, you will not have trouble finding authentic food from all cultures and identities. From Latin American to Moroccan, this food destination shows off all of the best eats Marrakech has to offer.

As a fashion landmark, M Avenue showcases a miscellaneous selection of brands. Through the exclusive Aston Martin dealership or concept stores such as Atelier 44, the avenue fulfills all the fashion and service needs of the consumer. Aside from luxury brands, there is also a large selection of everyday items when it comes to beauty, home, accessories, or even La Grande Récré toy shop for kids. The variety of shopping allows both tourists and residents to have a fun experience through the beautiful architecture and environment. 

M Avenue is dedicated to the culture and lifestyle of Morocco by implementing a mix of contemporary art and landscape architecture. When it comes to tourist or residential leisure, M Avenue is open to the public, providing a tourist destination and activities for all ages! The M BAB located on the avenue is the center for multimedia projections, art exhibits, and a theater venue. “Bab” being the Arabic word for “gateway” or “door”, is meant to represent a lens for artists to exhibit their virtual work and for the public to indulge in a multicultural experience. When you find yourself in the beautiful city of Marrakech, M Avenue not only exposes you to cultural creativity, but gives the opportunity for residents and tourists alike to discover the art that inspires the community. 

Aside from the famous Cristiano Ronaldo Pestana CR7 Hotel located on the strip, the avenue is also home to other residential brands such as the Four Seasons Private Residences and M Residences. The purpose of these developments on the property is to provide a new lavish lifestyle, offering exceptional comfort and convenience. These exclusive living spaces not only possess exquisite interior design but attract residents through their relaxing and engaging amenities. Accommodations include a variety of spas, fitness facilities, valet parking, as well as a chance to be at the center of entertainment through the M Avenue destination. 

The properties were designed by Parisian Architect Didier Lefort to give a residential but also culturally significant feel to the developments for sale. The blend of personalized accommodations and private luxury is something only Marrakech can achieve. M Avenue brought the livelihood of Marrakech, Morocco to one environment. 

Through the mixed element of business and pleasure, M Avenue is certainly a place to visit when you are considering visiting Marrakech. After all, Marrakech Sunset Properties offers the perfect way to experience Moroccan culture while enjoying the luxurious environment. To discover the several luxury villas for sale in Marrakech, please visit our website: www.marrakechsunset.com or contact us via: info@marrakechsunset.com 



25 Février 2022