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What's is a Moroccan caftan?

What's is a Moroccan caftan?

28 Juin 2022
What's is a Moroccan caftan?

Some may be unfamiliar with the traditional Moroccan caftan that is widely worn throughout the country and Africa itself. This attire is mainly worn by women, crafted as a loose and flowy fit with lightweight fabrics to brace the everyday heat. The caftan is made in a variety of different colors, with the long style being the most popular. Other styles may include V-neck, short, dual layer and fitted as a useful attire for every occasion.


Whether you are lounging in a luxury villa in Marrakech or on a hunt for a villa for sale in Morocco, this traditional caftan will express one’s high-end fashion taste that is both casual and classy. Over the years, this common clothing trend has become widely known beyond the Moroccan culture. With the increasing popularity among celebrities, Moroccan caftan has debuted itself as the epitome of everyday fashion. It is no surprise to see several celebrities adapting to the everyday chic look and establishing its significance in the fashion communities.


Some of the most well-known celebrities in the world have been spotted strutting their own take on the Moroccan dress wear. For instance, fashion idol Jennifer Lopez has been one of many influential celebrities sporting the modish trend. She has worn caftans on multiple red-carpet debuts, as a casual day-to-day outfit, and even as a form of beachwear. Lopez represents the prime example of the caftan’s flexible use and trendiness.


Being a common and comfortable form of clothing, it is not exclusive to Morocco and is clearly used as a cultural influence for all forms of fashion. The most familiar caftan look we may all be familiar with, is Jennifer Lopez’s iconic green Versace dress. This famed fashion statement signified her own twist on the tradition Moroccan caftan which posed as the inspiration for the famous fit. When searching for a villa for sale in Morocco, it is typically fun to try new styles and indulge in the cultural fashion the country holds. With this, you can also put your own twist on the look just as Jennifer Lopez has done so elegantly throughout the years. Being a muse to many fashion gurus, Jennifer Lopez has clearly given sincere recognition to the traditional Moroccan caftan.

However, Jennifer Lopez is not the only one sporting the chic attire, as Priyanka Chopra Jonas has also been a contender when it comes to advocating for the caftan. In 2019, Chopra was spotted wearing a silk light blue caftan in Cannes, France with husband Nick Jonas. She dressed the look with pearls and wore the dazzling dress on the red carpet. Whether it is France or Morocco, the sleek statement is one to be seen in. Staying in a villa in Marrakech may even inspire some to adapt the fashion forward attire. Moreover, the renowned Beyonce has given the caftan look some acknowledgement throughout her pregnancy, photoshoots, and casual days out. She has been photographed on red carpets and throughout her everyday life strutting a caftan inspire looked. Both as a contender in Morocco or high-end celebrities, the traditional Moroccan dresswear does not shy away from the spotlight.


Even throughout history, legends such as Elizabeth Taylor was also photographed in the traditional caftan, crafted with jewels, and detailed patterns. This luxurious take on the casual dress has not dissipated since its debut in Ancient Mesopotamia. Another iconic fashion legend, Jackie Kennedy wore caftans as tasteful piece in 1976, while even Paris Hilton has imprinted the caftan look on the fashion community through her appearance at Coachella in California. Clearly, this luxury attire has made an impact on the fashion world and influenced several celebrities throughout the years. The caftan has become a chic showpiece of Moroccan culture and representation of its significance on modern society.


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