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Moroccan Themed Gardens

Moroccan Themed Gardens

10 Mars 2022
Moroccan Themed Gardens

It is evident that the residents in Marrakech become truly inspired by the indoor and outdoor ambiance of the Moroccan culture. Thus, it's important to understand the ins and the outs of what it takes to curate the perfect Moroccan themed garden with supreme elegance. Due to the intense heat and below average rainfall throughout the country, it is essential for both buyers of luxury villas for sale in Marrakech and their current homeowners to take care of their well-kept gardens. Moreover, the beauty of the greenery also lies within the design and plant life inspired by the country of paradise.

Moroccan themed gardens consist of a courtyard and in most cases, a water feature such as a fountain or small pond. The courtyard around the garden mainly provides protection from the extreme heat and winds that may pose a threat to implemented plants. An enclosed garden is often called a riad, which is a traditional Moroccan garden attached or associated with the main building. If you intend to redesign your luxury villa in Marrakech or buy a riad for sale in Marrakech, it does not have to be a difficult process knowing all the facts. 

The most important feature of a Moroccan themed garden is of course, the luscious greenery. For typical gardens with a more moderate climate, it is easier to find a plant suitable for the space, but in Morocco it is essential to only include plants that can stand the heat and avoid drought. Luckily, with the cooling courtyard walls, these durable plants brace themselves from what could be a life short lived. 

To truly incorporate the Moroccan culture within your garden, don’t be afraid of adding elements of bright color, tile, furniture, art, or pots. The purpose of this space is to surround you in a tranquil island oasis of your liking and enjoy the nature Morocco has to offer. This is a unique aspect of the gardens in Morocco as they act as a place to lounge and enjoy the meticulous space. 

One of the most popular plants established in a wide range of Moroccan themed gardens are citrus trees. These plants are perfect to withstand the Moroccan weather and can only be successful in hotter climates, which makes them an impeccable candidate for your personal Moroccan garden! Being grown within the full face of the sun, a variety of citrus fruits can be grown such as oranges, tangerines, or grapefruits. The implementation of these popular plants stems for their ability to withstand a long life and very little maintenance once matured. In addition, palm trees, cast iron plants, and bird of paradise plant are the perfect mix for the exotic atmosphere of any Moroccan themed garden. Embodying the same features as citrus trees, they are tolerant regarding weather and contribute to the target ambiance. 

Moreover, when thinking of styling your luxury villa in Marrakech it is important to consider the aura you are leaning toward. Many Moroccan themed gardens consist of a Mediterranean feel embracing their landscapes with a mix of terracotta pots, native plants, and rich tones throughout. This is a key aspect of achieving everything you dreamed of when creating a Moroccan themed garden. 

Whether you are a buyer wanting to transform a luxury villa for sale in Marrakech or a homeowner of a luxury riad in Marrakech, the gardens of Morocco can inspire more than just an outdoor space. If you are looking for interior or exterior design inspiration please visit: www.marrakechsunset.com to discover our phenomenal selection of luxury villas for sale in Morocco, or if you want advice from our interior design experts contact us via: info@marrakechsunset.com