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Family Freindly Adventures And Activities

Family Freindly Adventures And Activities

26 Mars 2024
Family Freindly Adventures And Activities

Family Friendly Activities in Morocco If your kids are old enough, soaring in a hot air balloon through the skies over Marrakech and other beautimul areas of Morocco is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You will float over the landscapes and see amazing views of Berber villages, desert oases, deep valleys and the High Atlas mountains. There are only a few cities that offer this experience, including Marrakech and Fez and they don't operate in the peak summer months of mid July through late August due to extreme heat, but there are plenty of options for hot air ballooning companies and times in those areas. This breathtaking experience is perfect for any and everyone, perhaps excluding those who
have a fear of heights! An activity that does not require heights is sandboarding. Sandboarding in the Sahara will allow the kids to get their energy out. If you are planning on doing an overnight in the Sahara. which is a popular activity with plenty of quality overnight group camps, sandboarding through the orange dunes will be a highlight of the trip. A plus is that many camps have sandboards available free of charge. Sandboarding is an adaptation of sand skiing, which was said to have been invented by Ancient Egyptians as they surfed around the dunes on planks made of hardened
clay or wood. If you want to participate in this ancient activity, it's a great thing to do to make
memories with vour AmIy Cheval Essaouira is a horseback riding company that offers two to eight day treks through the Atlantic Essaouira region or one hour to full single day rides. You will trek along the gorgeous beaches of Essaouira and through the sandy deserts and then stay in guesthouses if you decide to choose the overnight trek options. The multi-day trek options allow a deeper connection with the hosts of the company as well as your individual horses, however if you choose a single day trip, the warm and welcoming hospitality will not lack. This unique form of
Moroccan hospitality will create lifelong memories for your family and your kids.
Another widely popular family friendly activity is camel rides. Camel rides in the Sahara
are a hands on, run activity for all ages as it is sate and majestic. Smaller children are able to sit with a parent on the camel as well. You can either plan a camel trek through the desert to a camp to stay for the night, or just a quick 40 minute camel ride as a day activity. This activity is a guaranteed pleasure. Camel riding was the main means of transportation for many ancient
civilizations in the North African deserts because of the camels' endurance as well as their abilits
to trek throuch the heat without water for davs. There are many studies that show that ridino
camels is not harmful to them and therefore is an ethical practice
Finally, find tranquility with your family and young ones and stay in a riad in Marrakech.
Riads are traditional Moroccan houses or small hotels that take vou away from the hustle and
bustle noise of the surrounding main roads. I you are interested in a family gelaway to a luxury Riad for sale or a villa for sale in Marrakech, check out www.marrakechsunset.com

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