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What is Ramadan?

What is Ramadan?

06 Avril 2022
What is Ramadan?

Morocco is one of the many communities throughout the world that follow the Islam religion and hold festivals to commemorate their faith. With this, there are several religious celebrations that come yearly when following the Islamic calendar. If you find yourself purchasing a villa for sale in Morocco or land for sale in Marrakech, you will without a doubt encounter one of these inspiring holidays. 

 As the month of April approaches, it is important to acknowledge a widely significant celebration. This year, Ramadan spans from April until May as this date can be altered yearly due to the changes in the lunar calendar. If you are in Morocco for this span of time, we have all the information on what Ramadan is and how it is vital to the Muslim faith.  

During the month of April, staying in a luxury villa in Marrakech might be the perfect place when wanting to really take a deep dive into learning about the Islamic religion. Ramadan is known by Muslims as the ninth month on the Islamic calendar that commemorates the holiest days of the year. This month stems from the belief that the Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad. The Quran is the essential religious text of the Islamic faith that is sacred to the community. 

As a tourist or long-term visitor at a villa in Marrakech, a key element that you will encounter is the practice of fasting during the holy month. This includes all food and drink from morning until evening for all 30 days of Ramadan. Fasting is a special religious practice throughout Ramadan due to the fact it is one of the five pillars of Islam. The purpose of this is to remind the Muslim community to be appreciative of their gifts in life. Moreover, it is a notion to give thanks for the good fortune they hold as a community in contrast to those suffering from poverty and hunger. 

Although this practice is not required for young children, the elderly, or pregnant women, it is otherwise mandatory for all adults. Thus, if you plan on visiting Morocco during this time, it is critical to understand that you will not be eating out much during these hours. It is recommended to enjoy meals with subtlety rather than out in the open, as it is illegal for those Moroccan citizens that are not exempt from fasting, to eat in public during Ramadan. Therefore, a meal within a Marrakech villa would be just fine for tourists and visitors. 

It is typical for Muslims to eat a meal known as suhur before sunrise, and iftar after sunset. Iftar is more commonly eaten in mosques or in family community settings. These two meals are critical as they are the only two times one consumes any food during the holy month. On another note, as a tourist you want to be aware that alcohol is also not sold starting 10 days before the holy month and throughout. 

As a visitor in Morocco, you may want to plan when it comes to the Ramadan celebration as it is important to keep with the practices of the holiday. It is equally important to respect these holy customs as a non-resident due to the fact that this month is very sacred for the Muslim community and prayer is essential. We recommend dressing more modestly to respect the culture of the holiday while also respecting the constant prayer hours that may take place. 

Muslims tend to center their time around prayer, spirituality, and reading the Quran. As they use this time to reflect, it is a great way to not only observe the holy month with grace but learn about it first-hand. Everyone is encouraged to fast and express joy during this time, as it is not exclusive to the Islamic faith alone. 

During your stay at villa for sale in Morocco or one of our Marrakech villas, it is always important to be mindful of these holy months. As Ramadan is one of the most widely known, there is no harm in researching other celebrations that you might come across during your visit. If you have any questions regarding the religious dates, contact us via: info@marrakechsunset.com! In the case that you are looking for a villa for sale in Morocco to experience Ramadan in April, visit our website: www.marrakechsunset.com