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Rooftop bars and restaurants in Marrakech

Rooftop bars and restaurants in Marrakech

03 Mars 2022
Rooftop bars and restaurants in Marrakech

Morocco’s picturesque atmosphere attracts millions of tourists and home buyers a year through its rare city skyline and matchless attractions. The country’s natural beauty does not go unseen, especially when it comes to seeing the beauty it beholds with your own eyes. For travelers, Morocco is considered one of the most photogenic places in the world from the aesthetically pleasing luxury villas to the vibrant colors at every street corner. 

The best way to capture these unforgettable moments would be from the highest points in Morocco, the rooftops! Marrakech is home to some of the most unforgettable rooftop restaurants and bars to enjoy a taste while experiencing one of the most colorful cities in the world. 

M Rooftop

This rooftop bar and restaurant serves both traditional Moroccan and international menu items as well as flavorful cocktails. Located on the top floor of Medina Heritage in Marrakech, the stunning view overlooking Medina is an attraction in itself. 

The Medina Heritage is a multi-functional building also used for art exhibits, events, and shopping. The handmade Moroccan fashion boutique showcases several styles and is only a few minutes from Jamâa El Fna, the marketplace for tourists and locals. The building also includes an indoor dining space below the rooftop for finer dining, as the open-air restaurant serves as more of a lounging area for casual dining and drinking. 

However, the rooftop bar and restaurant are arguably the main event. Even in the daytime, the courteous service provides a relaxing getaway from the city streets and exhibits both a peaceful and fun-filled environment. From coffee and teas to small plates and entrees, the M Rooftop does not disappoint for newcomers, especially with the added luxury of the Marrakech views. At night, the blazing sunset over the Medina skyline is the perfect way to end your meal or get your evening started. 

Rooftop Garden 

The Pearl Marrakech is a luxury hotel also located within minutes of the Jamâa El Fna. The Moroccan style accommodations and high-end amenities make the quarters a well-known sanctuary for wellness and living. Including several restaurants and galleries throughout the hotel, the Rooftop Garden located on the terrace of the property is the definition of prestigious dining. 

Rooftop Garden is one of the top Japanese restaurants in Marrakech while also including a menu for pastas and pizzas. Having both an outdoor and indoor space, the views can be appreciated from anywhere on the terrace. The 360-degree view spans over the spectacular Atlas Mountains and Ochre City, glimmering during sunset hour. 

The outdoor lounging area is equipped with day beds, a pool, and dining tables to indulge in the relaxing yet exclusive space in Marrakech. Being open to both private residences and public customers, all can enjoy the lush ambiance of the high-end rooftop. Open until 2 am, the extravagant nightlife will make it difficult to leave. Dancing under the Moroccan moon with elegant drinks, live music, and an energetic setting, provides guests with an unforgettable experience. 


The rooftop food and cocktails at Kabana exhibit a fresh taste of signature cocktails, Mediterranean cuisine, and a variety of sushi options. In addition to this, the inclusive vegan and vegetarian options curate a unique presentation of foods. With Kabana’s fine selection of Moroccan beer and wine, you will not have trouble finding a meal of your liking. 

Through the Live Music events, rooftop goers can enjoy the vast selections of DJs during Kabana’s most popular social hour. With this, the opportunity to book private events may be an incentive to keep coming back. From weddings to product launches, Kabana fulfills the need for an original event space. Kabana’s rooftop nightlife is a major draw to this destination and is an easy going and immaculate location.  

With an exceptional view of Koutoubia, the lunch, dinner, and brunch menu give you the flexibility to enjoy the indoor and outdoor space at your leisure. The upbeat and chic atmosphere adds to Kabana’s reputation of being the hot spot for rooftop cocktails. In their boutique known as “K-Shop”, they curated a Boho style fashion store that is accessible for rooftop goers as guests can dress to fit the trendy vibe of Kabana. 

L’Mida Restaurant 

Being at the center of Medina, L’Mida Restaurant and rooftop expresses Moroccan culture and fine dining in a creative way. The green terrace and bar express a comfortable atmosphere for casual lounging and breathtaking views of the Medina. 

This is the perfect destination for a sunset mocktail, small plate, or fresh mint tea. Although this is not the destination to enjoy an alcoholic beverage, the serene landscape is worth the visit through the aesthetic design and rooftop view. Chef Nargisse Benkabbou is inspired by homemade Moroccan meals and exhibits a twist of traditional foods that change seasonally. Through subtle spice flavor and balanced menu, Benkabbou exhibits a taste of gourmet Moroccan dishes. 

L’Mida is located in a traditional Marrakchi house near the spice district and market. The rooftop portrays a modernized and cultural interior design, perfect for a photo opportunity. Being exceptionally attentive to the customers, the friendly environment creates an enjoyable getaway. Opposed to an upbeat nightlife vibe, L’Mida’s rooftop is a tranquil oasis away from the big city busyness. 

The luxury rooftops of Marrakech are defined by their outstanding views and atmosphere. These spaces are easily enjoyable to both locals and tourists as Marrakech Sunset Properties values the joy of these experiences for others. The luxury villas for sale in Marrakech provide opportunities to experience these serene rooftop beauties in Morocco. Please visit our website: www.marrakechsunset.com to see all the luxury properties we have to offer in Marrakech or contact us via: info@marrakechsunset.com with any questions you may have!